"That's Neat" by Janice Studies

Everyone knows the struggle of trying to achieve neat handwriting. This font is created for those of you who want to type your notes but still maintain some handwriting vibes. This font can also be installed on your iPad (I personally recommend iFonts for this) if you'd like to use it in your favourite notetaking app!

Download here

As per all my products, please follow the terms of use - do not claim this as your own creation and do not redistribute and/or resell this for profit. Please credit Janice Studies where appropriate.

Please note that this font is missing some symbol characters at this time (e.g. #, $, %, ^, &, /). A full version will be released later on!

Need handwriting practice?

I've also created some handwriting worksheets for you if you'd like to adopt this style of handwriting. There are two versions: one with larger-sized writing and one with smaller-sized writing. Print these out or import them into your notetaking app of choice, and then trace over the lines!

Download the large version here

Download the small version here