Frequently Asked Questions


1. What notetaking applications do your digital planners and notebooks work best with?

These products are created and optimized for use with GoodNotes 5, Notability, and Noteshelf on iPadOS. These products work on Android Noteshelf + Xodo as per customer experience, however please use them at your own discretion as they have not been fully tested on Android devices.

2. Help! The hyperlinks are not working. How do I enable them?

Please make sure you are in Read Only mode in your notetaking applications prior to tapping your hyperlinks. 

3. Help! In GoodNotes, I only get the "Take Screenshot" option when using the lasso tool to select my stickers.

Please make sure you are importing the specific .goodnotes file that comes with your planner. The .goodnotes file contains precropped stickers that will allow you to select the individual stickers. Importing the transparent PNG file will result in "Take Screenshot" being your only option. The PNG files are meant for non-GoodNotes users.

4. Can I keep reusing the The Modern Notebook for other classes? Do the pages run out?

The great thing about digital notebooks is that you can endlessly duplicate the pages so you will never run out of pages! You can even duplicate the notebook itself to use for different classes. One purchase essentially means you will get infinite notebooks.

5. How do I refund a product if I don't like it?

Due to the nature of digital products, no refunds or cancellations will be accepted. Thank you for understanding!

6. Do you sell your products for commercial use?

Absolutely not. These products are meant for personal use only. Any attempt to share my digital products via redistribution, reselling, copying, or any other means will be directly met with consequences.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to directly message Janice via or @janicestudies on Instagram!


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of questions.

F.A.Q. will continue to be updated.