What Inspired "The Modern Planner"

Whenever I attempted to use a planner, I'd run into one of two problems.

1. Overwhelming planners - the ones that sport too much content and too many filler pages. As someone who is pretty serious about managing my time and energy, I just don't see the value in sitting down trying to fill out a bajillion different trackers and rewriting my weekly tasks onto daily pages. Tasks that were already transcribed from the monthly spread to the weekly spread. It becomes too complicated. My sweet spot is either a monthly/weekly or a monthly/daily. Nothing more.

2. Planners that constantly demand creativity and inspiration. Eh-hem... I'm looking at you, bullet journal. Not that there's anything wrong with bullet journaling, but again, I didn't have the time to sit there and think about how to draw up a functional monthly and weekly spread. I commend those who do have the time and creativity, though, because some of you sure draw up some beautiful bullet journal spreads.

So I made The Modern Planner. To me, it's just right. To others, I hope it's just right for you, too.

It's clean. It's elegant. It's aesthetically pleasing (it also comes in 11 different colours because, well, why not?) Other than its Month in Review pages (which I think are great for personal growth and development), this planner practically has no distractions or unnecessary filler content. The Modern Planner is designed to help you focus on what's relevant so you can keep moving through your day. That's what planning should be about.

It should be simple.